As a successful coach and high school administrator, C.H. Collins, Sr., has been described as a legend in Denton’s history because of the impact he made on so many lives. Coach Collins loved sports and playing sports was the gateway for him to further his education and expand his horizons.

In high school, he was awarded a scholarship to Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins, Texas. Mr. Collins had a love of music and sang in the college choir. It was singing that brought C.H. and his wife, Esta, together. The two were married for 54 years and had four children.

Coach Collins came to Denton ISD in 1954 as the football, basketball and track coach for the Fred Moore High School Dragons. He was a winning coach – consistently taking his teams to district and regional competitions, plus three state finals. The NFL named two of his players, Carl Garrett and Don Woods, as Rookie of the Year.

One of his most successful tributes occurred in 1967 when Coach Collins helped integrate Fred Moore High School with Denton High and he continued his coaching career at Denton High. After the successful integration, he became Dean of Men at Denton High until he retired in 1986.

After Mr. Collins died in 1996, the Board of Trustees of Denton ISD named the new athletic facility after him to honor this outstanding coach.


For decades to come, the C. H. Collins Athletic Complex will house thousands of games and represent the pride of the community as a facility that reflects the successes of past, present and future students.

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